AI Expo Africa Partners with Zindi on Africa’s largest data science Hackathon – UmojaHack Africa 2023

UmojaHack is the biggest inter-university machine learning hackathon in Africa. A hybrid event which brings together students, educational institutions, start-ups and corporate organisations for a weekend of talks and hacking, to solve Africa’s biggest challenges through data science and machine learning.

Don’t miss being a part of Africa’s largest and most exciting data science event! If you’re a lecturer, academic, administrator or student club leader, get in touch with us to find out more about officially joining more than 200 other African institutions, and even hosting a physical event on your campus. UmojaHack Africa 2023 is for you! Sign up on your own or in a team to be part of the greatest student-focused data science competition in Africa, whether you’re an enthusiastic newbie or a master of many competitions. You can participate from anywhere in Africa and be a part of this life-changing two-day hackathon.

What are the competitions ?

There are 3 levels of competition based on your expertise  …..

1.Can you predict carbon output in Africa using CO2 emissions data?

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Prediction Challenge (BEGINNER)

2.Can you classify trends in cryptocurrency behaviour?
Cryptocurrency Classification Challenge (INTERMEDIATE)

3.Can you create a reinforcement learning algorithm to solve a Rubik’s cube?
Rubik’s cube Reinforcement Learning Challenge (ADVANCED)

Get inspired and check out some of the previous winners here >>


As a hybrid event, some students will convene at campus and others will choose to join from home. The entire weekend event will be live streamed and run live on the Zindi platform. All times are GMT.

Saturday 18 March

● 08:00 – 09:15: Welcome featuring top sponsors and partners
● Rest of the day: Work on challenge in teams, with presentations from sponsors and

Sunday 19 March
● All day: Work on challenge in teams, with presentations from sponsors and partners
● 17:00 – 17:30: Closing ceremony with announcement of winners and prizes

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