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AI Media PTY Ltd are the curators of AI Expo Africa, the largest B2B trade focused Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Community in Africa.   With 4000+ members and 2000+ registered delegates, AI Expo Africa is now entering its 4th successful year and the team are always striving to grow the offerings, insights and opportunities for our members, delegates, sponsors and partners across the Africa region.


Back in 2017 we identified there were no business / trade focused AI events in Africa.  Many events were either deeply technical, exclusive or just simply beyond the reach of most non-technical people because of cost, knowledge or societal constraints. This lead to the creation of AI Expo Africa that was first run in 2018.  The event model we created was a massive success and helped us identify some of the key challenges and needs of the 4IR community in Africa.

AI Expo Africa B2B AI Tradeshow

AI Expo Africa 2018 – Our launch event in Cape Town, South Africa

We also believe the tech media industry is changing and traditional event model is broken. All stakeholders want value from events beyond the “selling space model” and “pay to play” news models of old. We are leveraging new formats and platforms to communicate the business opportunity in the African AI & Data Science landscape for entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and corporates. We make our content accessible across the whole of Africa by removing price and knowledge barriers to content, creating new event formats and sharing the fastest growing business opportunity across the continent with our community.

What we do

AI Media have four main offerings all focused on telling a positive and inclusive “good news” real world business story about the 4IR in Africa.  To that end we offer events, analysis, publications (Synapse Magazine & AI TV) and are actively building the Artificial Intelligence business community in Africa.  These activities also form part of our wider vision to create an “AI Economic Pipeline” in Africa, a coherent series of stepping stones for society, business and Governments to join, take part and benefit from the 4IR in Africa.

AI Expo Africa Main Event Showreel

Synapse Magazine

Synapse magazine chronicles the 4th industrial Revolution as it unfolds in Africa, and plays a vital part in connecting the members of this growing community across the region affording FREE insights to our readership and contributors alike.  It is a quarterly publication and free to read on the ISSU platform.


AI TV is a streaming channel that forms part of our wider vision to create an AI Powered Future for Africa.  Our goal is to inform people about what to expect as we embrace the fourth industrial revolution in Africa for social and economic benefit. We interview thought leaders and innovators driving AI & Data Science across the region.  We interview African AI / Data Science thought leaders, companies, innovators, investors and community builders and the platform also serves as medium for show coverage.  Our latest offering “AI Stories” is focused on telling African good news stories about the growing interest in artificial intelligence in Africa.

AI TV streaming channel

Advisory & Co-creation

We consult and advise with other clients and communities to co-create external, public or in-house events, speaker line ups and offer advisory and media coverage on a case by case basis.

  • ITU AI 4 Good Global Summit (Switzerland)
  • Sanlam Insurance [in-house AI event] (SA)
  • African Institute Mathematics – AIMS (Ghana / SA)
  • EU ACP Africa (EU)
  • Deep Learning Indaba X (Africa)
  • French Embassy in South Africa (SA)
  • Swiss Embassy in South Africa (SA)
  • Dutch Embassy in South Africa (SA)
  • Israel Embassy in South Africa (SA)
  • Intel AI Youth Pavilion (USA)
  • Africa Digital Council (SA)
  • UNICRI (Netherlands)
  • National AI Dialogue & 4IRSA (SA)
  • Alliance 4 AI (Africa)
  • Machine Intelligence Institute Africa (Africa)
  • Cirrus AI (SA)
  • Africa AI Accelerator (Ghana)
  • University KZN (SA)
  • SA Innovation Summit (SA)
  • BitCoin Events (SA)
  • Western Cape AI CoP with Silicon Cape & City of Cape Town (SA)
  • AI Summit (Pakistan)
  • Global Black Youth Summit (USA)
  • AI4Dev Summit (Kenya)
  • Western Cape Government – Global Digital Region Positioning Forum (SA)
  • Silicon Cape AI CoP (SA)
  • Deep Learning Indaba X (SA)
  • Cape Town AI (SA)

Our vision to “Create an AI Powered Future for Africa” is centred on growing 4IR trade and innovation in Africa which aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals 8, 9 & 17.  We have also established a partnership with the ITU, Geneva around the AI for Good Movement to propel Africa more centrally into the mainstream global AI narrative.  You can learn more about the UN SDGs we align with here.

The AI Expo Africa vision aligns with UN SDGs 8, 9 & 17

We also help business navigate the 4IR market opportunity in Africa and can offer detailed insights to businesses, investors, governments and entrepreneurs, joining up the dots in the African IR4.0 landscape via either free or paid for assignments.

“We found immense value from AI Media helping us navigate the new and expanding AI ecosystem in Africa – large corporates can find numerous partnering, product and service offerings from the innovators showcased at Africa’s largest Business focused community event” 

Zimkhita Buwa, Head of Intelligent Business Applications Core Practice, Dimension Data MEA

Key statistics AI Expo Africa 2020 Edition

community members
(32% growth)
registered delegates
(135% growth)
speakers & sponsors
(8% growth)
(35% growth)
platform visits by all delegates at online event
countries were represented at 2020 online event
  • 102 indexable media releases and press articles were published online by multiple outlets Jan 2020 – Sept 2020
  • 53 indexable blog / news posts were uploaded to our own event news website Jan 2020 – Sept 2020
  • Traffic to www.aiexpoafrica.com 2,627,418 hits with 54,613 unique visitors Jan 2020 – Sept 2020
  • 2020 Show Edition Synapse Magazine (124 pages) containing 47 stories & 35 A4 ads placed for brands
  • Synapse magazine & AI TV – 9 publications to date & with 122 videos on U Tube
  • Delegate diversity at 2020 (2 day live) online event : 32% Female 68% Male
  • 80 speakers from 13 countries represented in four track programme : 30% Female 70% Male
  • 34 ePosters presented for 6x Innovation Challenges from 7 countries : 45% Female 55% Male
  • Young engineer FREE workshop programme (2018 & 2019) attended by 625 delegates: 29% Female 71% Male
  • 106 local, regional & global partners organisations engaged via our ally community

Interviewing African AI thought leaders & companies


AI Media PTY Ltd was founded in 2017 by Dr Nick Bradshaw a 25 year tech veteran now based in South Africa. Nick hails from the world of Enterprise collaboration software & cloud platforms and has worked in Europe, North America & Africa with a diverse set of Multi $bn global clients. Prior to building AI Media, Nick created a successful South African Microsoft Gold software business (Complexus), has advised multiple tech start-ups and clients on a range of technology based transformation projects and is now 100% focused on growing the 4IR trade community in Africa.

“We fundamentally believe that artificial intelligence and related 4IR technologies will play a significant role in commerce and society at both a local, national and global level in the coming decades. Our mission and community are focused on harnessing this opportunity and making it available to all.  We hope you can join us on this journey” 

Nick is supported by an amazing full time team who maintain and grow the community and run the magazine and event on an annual basis. Daniel Mpala is Editor of Synapse Magazine and Head of Show Production. He is a keen tech and business reporter who covers developments around artificial intelligence (AI) and data science in Africa, a proponent of online privacy and passionate about foreign affairs / international relations. Mia Muylaert heads up Sales and Event Management. Prior to her new role Mia was a function co-ordinator at one of Cape Town’s busiest food and beverage operations. She comes with extensive experience the advertising and events industry, having worked as a production manager for AdMakers International for close to five years.

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