AI Expo Africa 2022

Curating a World class programme from global & local 4IR thought leaders

Every year we strive to curate a cutting edge programme packed with the latest trends, innovations, case studies and demos of 4IR technology impacting business and society TODAY.  Over the last 4 years we have assembled 300+ speakers and 250+ vendors from the largest corporates to the smallest start-ups, fusing them together in a highly rated 4 track speaking programme, expo and poster session coupled to value added networking and social programme.

ai expo africa 4 years of excellence

AI Expo Africa – Proudly showcasing 4 years of local & global thought leadership in the Africa region.

Excellence & quality assured

Feedback from our sponsors, delegates, speakers and community members is overwhelmingly positive with a 4.9 / 5 star Google Business rating from our delegates, speakers and sponsors – Click on our Google Business listing and read the reviews HERE.

This was an amazing event with an incredible roster of speakers and talents! ”


Great event

Oracle, SA

Very well organised and usually with international speakers in the line up 

Microsoft, SA

“Throughly enjoyed the talks”

Intel, USA

2022 Programme Overview


  • Machine / Deep Learning Solutions
  • RPA / Intelligent Automation / Chatbots & Conversational AI
  • Big data / Analytics
  • Cloud / SaaS platforms / Data Centre / Storage
  • AR / VR / Mixed Reality
  • Training / Education & Skills
  • 5G / Mobile / Edge / Quantum Computing
  • DLT / Blockchain / Crypto
  • AI4Good / Ethics / Privacy / Standards
  • ML Ops / ML Commons
  • IoT / Smart Devices
  • Smart Cities / Smart Society
  • National AI Strategies / Community Building

We will publish more about the 2022 programme in due course.

In the meantime check out the programme and talks from AI Expo Africa 2021 (below)

You can also view all the 2021 archived talks on AI TV

AI Expo Africa 2021 Programme Overview

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Speakers

Plenary welcome, keynotes & VIPs

  • Prof Zeblon Vilakazi – Vice-Chancellor University of Wits, South Africa
  • Cllr Randall Williams, Executive Mayor, City of Tshwane, South Africa
  • Her Excellency Veronique Heller, Deputy Head of Mission, Swiss Embassy SA, Switzerland
  • Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman, REDDS Capital, Venture Capital Investments, Canada
  • Dr Bitange  Ndemo, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Kais Mejri, General director of innovation and Technology development, Ministry of industry, energy and mines, Tunisia
  • Jonas Bogoshi, Chief Executive Officer, BCX, South Africa
  • Safroadu Yeboah-Amankwah, SVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Intel Corporation, USA
  • Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas, NVIDIA, USA
  • John Kamara, Founder, The AI Centre for Excellence (AICE), Kenya
  • Eliana  Emediato de Azambuja, General Coordinator of Digital Transformation – Secretariat of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Brazil
  • Elham Tabassi , Chief of Staff, Information Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
  • Dr Nick Bradshaw, CEO, AI Media Group, South Africa
  • #UnbiasedAlgorithimsMatter
  • Digital Divide or Digital Equity : The challenging case for AI
  • Mapping the Emerging African AI Landscape – Trends & Observations
  • The impact of AI in Financial Technology
  • Improving profitability in a Distribution company
  • Practical application of Artificial Intelligence in HR – 4 Case Studies
  • Using Artificial Intelligence for Financial Inclusion in South Africa
  • Using artificial intelligence to drive insurance penetration across Africa
  • Creating the Amazon Alexa Engine & the Future of Conversational AI – A conversation with Al Lindsay
  • How AI can transform regulatory compliance
  • Data Literacy Skills – An important skill for the promotion of market win in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement
  • Behind the scenes of Inspired Testing’s journey into AI
  • Which comes first, AI or the Customer Experience?
  • Quantum Computing for Sustainable Development
  • Unplugged Coding – the answer for coding and robotics in South African schools
  • AI for Mixed Social Sciences: Mental Health between Media and Infodemics
  • How the African Consumer Market Dictates Global Innovation
  • Building the AI Africa Consortium
  • Accubits Emotyx a must have for security
  • Virtual Assistants for Asset Management
  • Exploring Data Insights and Intelligence deployment models for Enterprise Customers
  • Autonomous Self-Learning AI: Redefining Enterprise Security
  • Real-time prediction capabilities: how a large telecommunications company deploy predictors
  • Overcoming the challenges of conversational AI in the South African call centre industry
  • The future of transcription and translation services in Africa
  • AII: Artificially Intelligent Insurers – how far are we from fully automated insurance claims?
  • Powering drug discovery and protein research with artificial intelligence
  • AI in Production: Tools and Tips for Successful AI Deployments
  • MLOPs with Microsoft Azure AI Platform
  • From Data to AI
  • Adapting your business and workforce to “The new way of work” – one chat(bot) at a time
  • Harnessing the virtual realm for successful artificial intelligence
  • Conversational AI – Overly Hyped, or Holy Grail?
  • roboMUA (robo – makeup artist) : Building a digital makeup artist
  • Intelligent Document Processing – the automation accelerator.
  • The practice of AI for business
  • Brazilian AI Strategy
  • Inclusive Digital Transformation – Accelerating adoption of 4IR technologies by small and medium-sized businesses
  • AI for social good: Creating the future!
  • AI Africa Consortium
  • Conversational AI; the state-of-the-art now and looking forwards through 40 years of experiences
  • Commercializing African Innovation to Solve African Challenges
  • From Infancy to Race Leaders: How your business can embrace Intelligent Automation to stay the course
  • National AI strategy progress in Tunisia
  • MLCube: Towards Portable & Reproducible ML
  • NIST Artificial Intelligence Efforts
  • Preparing Youth for the Future of Work in a Developing Country
  • Standardizing AI – A Critical Assessment of the European Commission’s Proposal for an AI Act
  • The Future of Software Testing using Machine Learning and AI
  • Launching and Scaling an AI Business – 7 Tips
  • Bridging the technological divide in big South African cities is a critical component of the Social Compact
  • AI for Good – Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • AI Strategy Update in Kenya
  • Society 5.0 and beyond: Project GenZAI in the Moonshot R&D Project towards 2050
  • AI Enablement through an Open Source Platform: An Absa Case Study
  • Responsible AI practices – A comparative analysis between Africa and Europe
  • Artificial Intelligent Data Analytics as a Service Platform
  • Machine Learning as part of Everyday Life
  • Effective MLOps on GCP
  • New Era of “AI-Enabling” in Manufacturing Sector: AutoML & No Coding
  • Designing an AI Platform to Scale
  • Practical Approach to Intelligent Automation
  • AI and Data evolution: Time to go together
  • Collaborative Development and Governance of AI: The Case of Digital Health
  • Robust MLOps a Key Driver for Business Success
  • Understanding Health Facility Readiness to Optimize Health Resources through AI-driven Striata in Sierra Leone
  • Nvidia Jetson AI: Enabling intelligence beyond cloud
  • OLSOLV Deployment Platform: Enabling Business Users to Harness the Full Power of Advanced Analytics
  • RPA – Hard Learned Lessons From The Trenches
  • RPA made easy: Understanding how to deploy RPA in your company, and how your approach to RPA dictates the project’s success. There are many aspects to consider and navigate, and this practical session will help you make the right choice that fits your company.
  • Human Centred Intelligent Automation
  • African Women Rocking Data Science

The Telkom Innovation Wall – 2021 Academic Poster Presentation

During AI Expo Africa 2019 & 2020 our academic poster programme (Innovation wall) was a massive success and we are very pleased to welcome Telkom as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner and sponsor for the 2021 edition of The Innovation Wall, helping share R&D innovation with industry practitioners and investors.  The posters being showcased in our 2021 edition include;

  • Re-imagined access to justice.
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Water Sector
  • Voice Recognition Elevators
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for targeted energy storage solutions
  • DigiFood
  • Identification & Prediction of Pneumonia from CXR Images using Deep Learning
  • COVID-19 demographic information dashboard
  • Machine translation systems for low-resourced African languages
  • Integrating Magnetic Resonance Coupling with Radio Frequency Energy to Wirelessly Charge Mobile Device Batteries
  • Investigation of Business Incubation Programs and it Effect on Entrepreneurs
  • A 4IR Solution to Increase Access to Drinkable Water in Vulnerable Regions
  • Smart Remote Healthcare System (SRHS) for remote monitoring of multiple Covid 19 patients
  • 3ziza: The Tunisian Chatbot Answering Covid-19 Questions
  • Additional COVID-19 case wave alert system using a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) with Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)
  • Monitoring system for social distancing with Wi-Fi data using LSTM RNN
  • Sentiment Analysis of South African COVID-19 and Vaccine tweets with Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data- and Artificial Intelligence-Based Hot-Spot Analysis of COVID-19: Gauteng, South Africa, as a case study
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence to model vaccination roll-out strategies in South Africa
  • DaraConvergence: A quadruple Helix Approach
  • Application of Semi-Supervision in the Search for Heavy Resonances
  • Data-driven sensitivity mitigation techniques for Genetic Algorithm
  • Long Short Term Memory water quality prediction model


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