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Every year we strive to curate a cutting edge programme packed with the latest trends, innovations, case studies and demos of 4IR technology impacting business and society TODAY.  Over the last 3 years we have assembled 200+ World class speakers and 200+ vendors from the largest corporates to the smallest start-ups, fusing them together in a highly rated 4 track speaking programme, expo and poster session coupled to value added networking and social programme.

AI Expo Africa programmes

AI Expo Africa – 3 years of leading global & local thought leadership

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Feedback from our sponsors, delegates, speakers and community members is overwhelmingly positive with a 4.9 / 5 star Google Business rating from our delegates, speakers and sponsors – Click on our Google Business listing and read the reviews HERE.

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This was an amazing event with an incredible roster of speakers and talents! ”


Great event

Oracle, SA

Very well organised and usually with international speakers in the line up 

Microsoft, SA

“Throughly enjoyed the talks”

Intel, USA

2021 Programme Overview

AI Expo Africa 2021 ONLINE will follow the same successful format of our 2018, 2019 & 2020 shows with the following components all housed in our secure online eConference platform. **NEW** for 2021 we are including an extra day allowing delegates to visit the exhibition hall, meet vendors, view posters and build your own bespoke agenda.  This orientation day will really help visitors fully immerse themselves with the wide range of live content, vendors and agenda we have lined up so you can optimise your time and maximise your learning / networking experience.

Day 1 – 7th Sept 2021 – LIVE Online Programme at a glance (09:00 – 17:00)

  • Show opening – Welcome pack & orientation – Take your time, visit the show, orientate yourself and build your bespoke programme
  • Registration & Help Desk open – Just like a real world event, AI Expo Africa 2021 has a fully staffed help desk manned by “real people”
  • Virtual Expo opens – Visit 80+ e-Booths with vendors showcasing their 4IR products & services with live vendor interaction / demos
  • Build your bespoke agenda  – Choose from 80+ speakers / 40 hours of talks from 4 tracks. Add to your personal agenda so you don’t miss a talk
  • Start networking  – Meet vendors in the expo hall, see who is at the show, book meetings, chat in the virtual networking areas
  • Day 1 Social programme 18:00  – Join the social programme and take part in some unique online experiences.

Day 2 & Day 3 – 8th-9th Sept 2021 – LIVE Online Programme at a glance (09:00 – 17:00)

  • Synthetic Host – A first for Africa, we are using an AI generated host to welcome you, our speakers & vendors to the show
  • 4 track speaking programme – 80+ speakers with 40 hours of talks covering business case studies, innovation, tech demos & platforms with live Q&A
  • Virtual Expo hall – Housing 80+ e-Booths with vendors showcasing their 4IR products & services with live vendor interaction / demos
  • International ePavilions – Showcasing international 4IR vendors & trade missions from countries around the world.
  • Showcase ePavilions – Vendor specific zones showcasing their own products, services and partner ecosystems.
  • Innovation Wall – Posters showcasing applied R&D applicable to industry or investment ready from African Universities
  • Live Networking lounge – Public and private live meeting spaces to meet specific people you want to talk to / trade with
  • Live speaker lounge – Post talk live networking area to meet speakers and hold deeper dive discussions with thought leaders
  • Youth in AI Zone – Fostering greater engagement with young engineers, entrepreneurs & communities
  • AI4Good Zone – Leveraging 4IR technology for societal applications and UN SDGs
  • Women in AI Zone – Fostering greater engagement with female engineers, entrepreneurs & communities
  • Day 2 Social programme 18:00  – Join the social programme and take part in some unique online experiences.

30 Day On-Demand Show – 10th Sept – 8th Oct 2021 (24/7)

  • 30 Day Show Archive Opens – Never miss a talk, poster or vendor booth.  Simply join the On-demand show archive that will also serve as a learning platform for delegates, students, African tech communities, incubators, accelerators, investors & entrepreneurs.  Its open for you to join 24/7 from 10th Sept – 8th Oct 2021.  You can log in as many times as you like and take your time exploring and learning at a pace that suits you.

Review the AI Expo Africa 2020 Online Programme

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Speakers

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Speakers

What did our 2020 online programme look like and who joined us?

2020 Welcome address & plenary sessions 

  • Hon Minister Thembisile Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams – Dept Communications, Telecommunications & Postal Services, South Africa
  • Hon Minister David Maynier – Western Cape Provincial Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, South Africa
  • Ambassador – French Embassy in South Africa
  • Ambassador – Swiss Embassy in South Africa
  • Ambassador – Netherlands Embassy in South Africa
  • Prof Tshilidzi Marwala – Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg & Deputy Chair Presidential 4IR Commission, South Africa

2020 Keynotes 

  • Olubayo Adekanmbi – CTO MTN Nigeria & Founder Data Science Nigeria – Africa and AI : Counting what counts
  • Rudeon Snell – Senior Director – Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, SAP – Bias in AI – Understanding and managing the risks
  • Kay Firth Butterfield – Head of AI, World Economic Forum – Governance and the great RESET
  • Michael Langeveld – Vice President Europe, Huawei – Building Inclusive AI
AI Expo Africa 2020 - Interactive Programme

AI Expo Africa 2020 – Interactive Programme

  • Growing a Data Science Team, from legacy to success
  • Unlocking business value using data science in financial services
  • Competitive Data Science
  • Practical AI in the world of cashless payments
  • AI is changing the way we produce
  • Nedbank’s RPA Journey – Past, Present, and Future
  • Nurturing AI to Adulthood and Self-Learning: A Case Study in the SA Media Industry
  • The A.I. powered, insights driven AutomatedFarm
  • AI 4 Good – Mapping Data AI in Agriculture
  • Closing the Loop: Sales Optimisation and Customer Retention Using Conversational AI
  • How FNB is leveraging AI to redefine risk management and ways of working
  • AI Readiness: Through a Business Lens
  • AI in Government : Perception and case studies
  • How can we build AI for Good through Global Collaboration
  • AI for Good – Time to move the needle
  • Successful extraction of AI & RPA
  • Talent Sourcing in AI / Data Science
  • Knowledge Mining
  • A New Era of Ultra-low Power ML at the Edge with TinyML
  • Scalable Inference Serving on the Cloud with TensorFlow Serving and Kubeflow
  • Create, deploy, and manage models at scale – The reason why your snowflake AI projects will fail!
  • Sell Faster and More to your Digital Customer
  • How To Provide Cybersecurity and Racial Equality in Biometric Technology
  • Machine translation systems for low-resourced African languages
  • Simplify ML for Enterprise Adoption using Azure
  • Credit Risk Management reimagined through the embedding of analytical models in end-to-end solutions.
  • Building blocks for Intelligent Software Engineering – AI Enabled SDLC
  • Water leakage detection using deep learning technology: A case study for Johannesburg Water
  • Experience Economy
  • Practical IIoT: How sensors and machine learning algorithms help maintenance engineers to work better, safer, and smarter.
  • Enabling access to justice through AI
  • How Ai is disrupting agriculture
  • Towards Corporate Inbox Zero @Nedbank
  • Nebula: The Artificial Intelligence with Feelings
  • Use case for AI in health
  • Machine Learning Model Velocity at Scale
  • Unlocking cheaper access to essential services through AI
  • Cirrus, Africa’s AI operation one year on
  • Cyber AI
  • Artificial Intelligence Social Influence Model and Migration Paths: Implications to Institutions, Government and Businesses
  • Combining Machine Learning and Knowledge-based Systems
  • Building inclusive AI
  • Deep Tech Innovation in Africa
  • karaAgro AI: Precision Agriculture for Africa
  • Machine Learning Wave in FinTech
  • Eye brain gym next level visual intelligence and literacy development
  • Invisio AI – Innovation in breast cancer detection
  • Africa and AI : Counting what counts
  • Fuelling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution with Gaming
  • Optimising the risk-reward trade-off in portfolio management with Reinforcement Learning
  • AI in Switzerland – A high-quality Ecosystem for your Growth
  • Data Science on Demand – Is it a Thing?
  • The Face of the Future
  • The AI Frontier: A Great Divider or A Solution?
  • Tackling bias in AI – The key to unlocking trillion dollars in value
  • Governance and the great RESET
  • Africa’s first AI powered Influencer Marketing platform
  • Arrested by AI
  • Cloud & AI infrastructure and Solutions in the Post Pandemic Era
  • Chatbots for Tunisian Government Services
  • Empowering youth in AI using the Intel Ecosystem
  • Smart cities
  • AWS ML – The “Swiss Army Knife” ML Ops Platform
  • Waste Management Intelligence as a service: Building a circular waste economy through data
  • Bridging the Last-Mile Deployment Problem With MLOps
  • Sell more by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform with Ai
  • Meet Robocop – Your new HR Director
  • The Intersection of AI and Space
  • Quantum-Enabled Business Advantage
  • Customer Service in the Age of AI
  • Scalable OCR in 10 steps
  • Integrating and collating your data: the leg work made easy
  • Create AI Videos by Typing in Text: Next-Gen Scaleable Video Production for Corporate Communications
  • RPA: the gateway to AI
  • The Hiring Game: How to find the best data science talent for your company
AI Expo Africa Networking Lounge

AI Expo Africa – Networking & Speaker Lounges

2020 Innovation Wall – Poster Presentation

During AI Expo Africa 2019 our academic poster programme (Innovation wall) was a massive success – In 2020 we also ran our Innovation Wall again but on online this year because of COVID19, this is part of our drive to expose cutting edge applied R&D from African Universities & early stage entrepreneurs to a business and investor community.   As a result 34 posters were presented from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tunisia plus countries from outside the region such as Russia, Iran and India as follows. 

  • DigiFood
  • Research on Intrusion Detection based on Reinforcement Learning (RL) for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ocean protection made easy using drones
  • Integrating Magnetic Resonance Coupling with Radio Frequency Energy to Wirelessly Charge Mobile Device Batteries
  • Investigation of Business Incubation Programs and it Effect on Entrepreneurs
  • Enlabeler – for an AI ready Africa
  • Serve2save life initiative
  • Voice Recognition Elevators
  • Africa Farming Lab/Ecosystem
  • A 4IR Solution to Increase Access to Drinkable Water in Vulnerable Regions
  • 3ziza: The Tunisian Chatbot Answering Covid-19 Questions
  • Machine translation systems for low-resourced African languages
  • Re-imagined access to justice.
  • Connected Knee
  • Explosives ICT Control System
  • Vula Vala taxi App
  • Ujenzi
  • Sawubona Mycelium Biotechnology Product Development Bot
  • Guarding
  • Digital Transformation as a tool to prevent theft and vandalism Rail Industry.
  • Bringing clean water closer to areas in need
  • creating OPEN eco-system for financial inclusion
  • Targeted support
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Water Sector
  • Smart Remote Healthcare System (SRHS) for remote monitoring of multiple Covid 19 patients
  • COVID-19 demographic information dashboard
  • Suzy says ScreenYoself
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for
  • targeted energy storage solutions
  • Identification & Prediction of Pneumonia from CXR Images using Deep Learning
  • Redefining access to women’s sexual and reproductive health services.


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