The State of AI in Africa Report

Presenting research & analysis on the AI Landscape in Africa

state of ai in Africa report

The State of AI in Africa report by The AI Media Group South Africa, offers an analysis of the emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape in Africa. It contains multiple statistics and trends while offering insights on key communities driving the ecosystem across the continent. This report will appeal to analysts, enterprises, channel managers, governments, VCs / investors, NGOs, Embassies, trade missions & regional promotion agencies who are seeking deeper insights about the dynamics of this rapidly growing frontier tech market.

The State of AI in Africa Report was officially launched in June 2022 in partnership with the WEF Centre for 4IR at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Pretoria, South Africa and followed by the global online launch conducted in partnership with the UN ITU and WEF Global Shapers community in July 2022.  Learn more HERE

State of AI in Africa Report Launch at CSIR

Report author, and CEO of the AI Media Group, Dr Nick Bradshaw stated, “The origins of this report were motivated from a lack of data about the regional / continental landscape for what is one of the fastest growing tech sectors globally.  When we started our company back in 2018, there was literally no data about the region as a whole.  Most local activity was either academic or developer community focused, with very little connection between these communities, industry practitioners and investors.  What reports we could find were fragmented or limited to a single country or city. We felt it was a good time to bring it all together into one report.”

Sample from State of AI in Africa Report

Sample from State of AI in Africa Report

The 32-page report content & headings included are as follows;

  • Foreward
  • Introduction
  • At a glance summary
  • The global view
  • Africa by numbers
  • Notable communities
  • Company type Vs Industry segment
  • Company size Vs Year founded
  • Investment landscape
  • Who is trading in Africa
  • Conclusions

Watch the online launch of the State of AI in Africa Report in partnership with UN ITU and WEF Global Shapers

Bradshaw concluded, “A key finding was just how cross cutting this technology is.  South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt & Kenya dominate this sector with AI impacting at least 120+ separate market segments across Africa. Privately owned SMMEs / Micro businesses make up 75% of this sector, 40% of which were founded in the last 5 years, showing the importance nation states need to place on supporting their local tech ecosystems.  It’s also attracting serious capital, with Tunisian AI start-up InstaDeep receiving $100m USD Series A funding earlier in 2022.  The global market is also projected to grow from $387 Bn USD in 2022 to $1,394 Bn by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 20%.  It’s a positive sign that this technology and its attendant start-up ecosystems can win big across Africa if these trends continue.”

If you would like to collaborate on, or sponsor future editions of, the State of AI in Africa report we are happy to explore your ideas.  Drop us an email at enquiries@aimediagroup.co.za 

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