Looking to launch your startup’s new AI-solution, or for potential partners to collaborate with? Then you might want to register for AI Expo Africa.

Nigerian innovator Gideon Onyewuenyi believes events like AI Expo Africa are “very vital” for startup founders.

“They (founders) are given an audience to convince about their product, and also have the chance to connect with other founders and to collaborate on other projects. Most importantly, a founder can meet a potential investor who is interested in their business,” he adds.

Pyloop co-founder and AI Expo Africa 2020 speaker Gideon Onyewuenyi

Pyloop co-founder and AI Expo Africa 2020 speaker Gideon Onyewuenyi

Onyewuenyi is a machine learning engineer and co-founder of Pyloop. The Port Harcourt-based AI startup is leveraging the power of earth observation technologies and AI in the fight against climate change. He founded the startup earlier this year with Victor Agwa and Gift Kenneth.

“The inspiration behind it is the state of our city where we have very high-levels of air pollution. This is a major issue in the region, an oil-rich region where most of the companies flare gas without any control or regulations guiding the act,” he points out.

He explains that Pyloop uses satellite images and meteorological information to create a sustainable air quality monitor. The startup then extracts data from the satellite images which is then use to build Pyloop’s machine learning model using computer vision.

“We make it easy for anyone with a mobile smartphone to monitor the air quality of any location, and also get the necessary health information needed to stay safe and avoid complications,” he says.

He explains that some of the main trends in his vertical are around healthcare, well-being, clean energy, and the urban environment.

“I believe the trend that will shape 2021 will be basically climate change. The fight for climate is becoming something the whole world is shifting their focus towards. Of course, every other pursuit is meaningless if we can’t maintain our environment and stay alive,” he stresses.

He believes Africa has bright future in space exploration. He singles out initiatives like the Nigerian Communication Satellite’s Act in Space innovation programme in Abuja which saw a number of innovators build solutions that leveraged space technologies to solve humanitarian problems.

“I think more of the initiative should be created in Africa to drive innovation in the space sector here in Africa,” he says.

Onyewuenyi was one of the speakers at AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE’s innovation track where he gave a talk titled “The Intersection of AI & Space”. 

He says participating at AI Expo Africa exposed him to new contacts and changed his belief that the industry was “only for experts or top people”.

“The opportunity given to me to participate in the program made me understand that everyone no matter the level of your expertise has a place in the field of artificial intelligence,” he adds.

“AI Expo Africa is the biggest B2B show or event in Africa and I am very happy to be part of it. The event was the first time I pitched and talked about our project to a public audience. The idea sounds crazy to some people so I rather not tell more persons but AI Expo helped me to reach even more people who are ready to go crazy with me,” says Onyewuenyi.

“The main value I got from the event was the courage to continue. I got so much feedback after the event, and I also met some people asking for collaboration, that feeling of knowing that most people loved the idea and some people were able to reach out to give feedback after the event, and even requesting for collaboration, the feeling was golden,” he adds.

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