AI Media Group CEO Dr Nick Bradshaw Joins Inaugural National AI Dialogue South Africa

Dr Nick Bradshaw CEO AI Media Group & Cofounder of AI Expo Africa will be a guest moderator

The AI Dialogue is a multi-stakeholder event that aims to bring together South Africans in the AI Ecosystem to try and find a common ground in using AI as a driver for economic growth, social development and safety. This dialogue will involve policy makers, the technology industry, organized labour, startups and SMMEs, business, academia and research and lastly civil society.

The AI dialogue will offer a sector input from a number of individuals. Other issues that the dialogue will address is youth and women in AI, the ethics of AI and laws around the topic. During the dialogue there will be an AI EOI discussion, adoption and resolution by all attendees.

  • The AI Dialogue will consist of a number of breakaway rooms that touch on:
  •  The future of work and labour
  •  Ethics and Law
  •  AI Business and Investments
  •  Academia, Research & Development and Innovation
  •  Politics and AI
  •  Technology

Uneven AI landscape presents regulatory, geopolitical challenges and risk to humanity.

According to Dr Andile Ngcaba, Chairman for Convergence Partners & Curator of the AI Dialogue, “Currently, the AI landscape is uneven with high concentrations of intellectual property and companies in the developed parts of societies and the world. This presents a regulatory challenge and risk to humanity because AI companies operate globally. As technology advances at exponential pace policy makers and laws are struggling to keep up. Countries around the world are creating AI strategies to ensure that they are able to deal with the pace of technology.”

Dr Andile Ngcaba, Chairman for Convergence Partners

Dr Nick Bradshaw stated, ” For South Africa, and all countries in Africa, to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) we have to acknowledge that artificial intelligence will play an under-pinning roll, allied to 5G, broadband and related infrastructure to make this a reality. We also have to make sure that the 4IR is also inclusive and does not leave “the many” behind for only “the few” to prosper.  This inaugural AI Dialogue will bring together a range of stakeholders and community builders and the AI Media Group are pleased to be making a contribution to advance South Africa’s national strategy to embrace the 4IR”.

Dr Andile concludes, “The enormity of the AI technology revolution has a widespread influence on society, politics, science, economics and the very existence of humans. Those who control and own the most powerful AI systems in the future will increasingly have a great deal of control over the rest. This kind of power will undoubtedly evoke concerns on the part of individuals, enterprises and governments worldwide to advocate for AI responsible use for good.”

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