16th August, Cape Town, South Africa – Toshiba & Team Forward announces dynaEdge® Mobile Edge computing device with companion assisted reality Smart Glasses.  First-of-its-kind wearable solution operating on Windows 10, integrating easily into existing IT architecture strategic partnership with Ubimax aims to realise the full potential of wearable solutions across the manufacturing, maintenance and logistics sectors

Toshiba & AI Expo Africa Innovation Cafe Sponsors, Team Forward, announce dynaEdge DE-100, a new high-performance Windows 10-based mobile edge computing device, alongside the companion Assisted Reality AR100 Viewer smart glasses. Designed to bring hands-free wearable working to the enterprise, the new solutions will enable large enterprises to improve efficiency, quality of performance and operating flexibility in a constantly evolving working environment. dynaEdge DE-100 and the AR100 Viewer smart glasses will target industries with a strong focus on frontline and field-based workers, including manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance.

Out-of-the-box remote expert software, including Skype for Business integration, will be further complemented by the announcement of a long-term partnership with Ubimax GmbH, the global market leader for enterprise wearable computing, whose innovative solutions will be rolled-out on the device. 

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the wearable-enterprise space, introducing the first monocular Assisted Reality solution to combine the power of a Windows 10 Pro PC, the robust feature set of industrial-grade smart glasses, and industry-specific workflow efficiency provided through our partnership with Ubimax,” said Maki Yamashita, Senior Vice President, PC & Solutions EMEA, Toshiba Europe GmbH. “This blend enables us to deliver next-level workflow and efficiency optimisation to frontline workers.”

Team Forward discuss the fusion of IR4.0 technologies

In a PC Mag article late in 2016, Ben Dickson wrote about ‘How Augmented Reality Is Transforming Work’.  In his words: ‘Google Glass fizzled among consumers, but on factory floors, augmented reality smart glasses can make a huge difference in speed and efficiency.’  There are many benefits quoted by smartglasses manufactures and software providers and in this article alone: 

  • “The application of smart glass and AR is helping companies save time and traveling costs for their highly trained experts, one of their scarcest resources”, 
  • “Reduce production time by 25 percent” and 
  • “Error rate that was effectively being driven to zero” and are just a few benefits quoted.

Smart Glasses provide professional solutions in the field of view, hands free. With a range of devices, we are focused on enterprise business and customer markets and are being used by numerous Fortune 500 companies in diverse areas. Some areas include Field Service, Remote Maintenance, Warehousing, Logistics, Retail, Medicine, Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications. 

Team Forward partners with Value Added Service providers and Distributors of hardware and software that support wearable technology for the 4th industrial revolution and beyond. With a keen interest in Business Development and technology, it was a natural progression in business to look forward at Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies and their practical applications in developing effective and efficient business practices to future proof businesses.

Toshiba Intel

6th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor

Team Forward are proud to be associated with the world’s first Windows ready Smart Glass solution. The Toshiba dynaEdge® DE-100 Smart Glass solution, is a light weight fully portable intelligent and mobile edge computing device which offers the power of a full performance PC through its 6th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor. Running on Windows 10, the solution can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure, while simultaneously benefitting from the support and security delivered through Microsoft updates to the platform.

Team Forward

Team Forward

In combining Toshiba’s innovative technology with intuitive software, Team Forward prepares businesses and individuals for the competitive market by shaping forward thinking systems, processes and teams that work smart to get results.  The dynaEdge® DE-100 and the AR100 Viewer smart glasses will target industries with a strong focus on frontline and field-based workers, including manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance. Solutions are best described in the 4 pillars listed below:

  • Remote Mentor 
  • Workflow Instructions
  • Document Navigation
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

In the simplest application of smartglasses, a technician wearing AR glasses can stream, in real time, what they see and hear to a subject matter expert watching on a computer screen from anywhere in the world. The real benefits of AR in improving the versatility of the workforce come into play when it’s combined with other emerging technologies, bringing digital workflows, measurability, and transparency to the workplace

smart glass users

First Commercial Smart Glasses Project in South Africa

Team Forward initiated a large Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company focused on installing, maintaining and repairing HVAC systems in South Africa, and into Africa, is running a commercial pilot using Smart Glasses. Stretched technical skills and resources have been holding them back and with their expansion to create a world class contact centre, it was agreed to enable this pilot for field service support using VUZIX M300 Smart Glasses. Currently the project has implemented phase one and two and now has eyes and ears in the field. Phase three is planned to integrate their newly established call centre and job processing application. 

Just as broad outline of some the case study facts are presented here by some of the industry leaders in this field: 

  • 23% more productive
  • 30% Higher output
  • 20% Greater utilisation
  • 25% Production time cut
  • Reduced errors to nearly Zero
  • More machine uptime and availability
  • A shorter overall production cycle
  • Reduced production costs
  • 11% cut in field costs
  • 34% increase in productivity
  • 46% improvement upon first-time use of AR glasses

About Team Forward

To empower businesses and individuals to work smarter and get results by providing dynamic and innovative platforms facilitating engagement, connection and sharing.  Our focus is developing, building and improving your business and its people. Team Forward has a strong focus on Human Capital Development, in business and the youth, aiming to bring the best out of all. We have a solid stance in Organisational Development, Learning and Development Change Management and Human Capital Development with focused strategic thinking from Team Forward linked with tools and partners including Winning Teams, Knowledge Base Developer (KBD) and My Career, My Life.  Learn more about their innovative product range by clicking here.


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