DataProphet is excited to be a part of AI Expo Africa and is proud to take part in the inaugural event.

In recent years, DataProphet has emerged as an industry leader in AI for the manufacturing industry.  The company has provided significant ROI for clients in the casting and automotive industries by helping these companies cut down on their scrap and rework rates.  Venture Capital firm Knife Capital recently invested in DataProphet, enabling the scale-up to extend its reach into the USA and Europe, giving companies in these regions access to DataProphet’s cutting-edge OMNI process control optimization solution for Industry 4.0.


OMNI is a powerful machine learning technology that eliminates the production of defects through dynamically prescribing optimal control parameters to the manufacturing process. OMNI has realised significant results for clients, including the reduction of defects by 75% in one automotive assembly plant and the complete elimination of defects at another.

On the success of OMNI, DataProphet has gone on to lead several Industry 4.0 transformation projects, both locally and abroad.  Vision – an advanced machine vision solution for quality control applications – is among OMNI’s constituent machine learning models. Clients who implement Vision in their manufacturing processes enjoy numerous benefits including early detection of defects during batch processes, improved quality control, and simplified collection of data for customer documentation and reporting.

OMNI embeds 4 years of DataProphet’s learnt experience in implementing AI. This is evident in OMNI’s modular build which allows it to be configured to optimize any data-intensive manufacturing process. This reflects DataProphet’s philosophy toward AI: it’s a tool that should readily adapt to existing IT and data infrastructure.

DataProphet will be in the startup booth at AI Expo Africa. Alongside Knife Capital Co-founder, Keet Van Zyl, DataProphet CEO, Frans Cronje will reveal how indigenous venture capital and local innovation have come together to produce OMNI – a cutting-edge AI manufacturing solution for Industry 4.0.

About Knife Capital

Knife Capital is an independent growth equity investment firm focusing on innovation-driven ventures with proven traction. By leveraging knowledge, networks & funding, we accelerate the international expansion of entrepreneurial businesses that achieved a product/market fit in a beachhead market.  We enable our portfolio of innovation-driven businesses to achieve scalability across different markets by optimising the business model and customer acquisition process. We assist businesses with transition to international growth by providing market access that expands customer validation to other countries. We select entrepreneurs who have achieved proven traction with product/ market fit in a beachhead market. This shows that the product solves a real need as it resonates with its target market in at least one country.  Contact: +27 21 555 1933

About DataProphet

DataProphet provides consulting and product development services to a wide range of industries from finance to legal.  As machine learning specialists we are comprised of a diverse team of skilled computer scientists, statisticians, actuaries, engineers and mathematicians that are poised to deliver something which has previously been unavailable to entities smaller than a nation-state – actionable artificial intelligence solutions. Contact: +27 21 300 3555