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AI Expo Africa welcomes sponsors and vendors from all corners of the 4IR smart technology community and we have a range of sponsorship packages to suit all budgets for vendors, platform providers, service providers, deployment partners, start ups and niche community / skills partners alike.  The AI Media Group is the de facto trade body for 4IR in Africa helping you explore the growing African 4IR market opportunity.

Our goal is simple – We want to connect suppliers, buyers, investors & innovators in the local / regional / African & International AI, RPA & Data Science solutions market. 

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Lobby Design

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE lobby

AI Expo Africa has a local, regional & global reach and it remains the ideal place to meet, network and transact with your clients and partners.  For our 2020 event we hosted 160+ exhibitors and speakers with 40 hours of talks in our 4 track auditorium allied to 30+ posters via our unique Innovation Wall.

In 2020 we had over 2000+ registered delegates and 500+ companies join the show who reported solid ROI / high value from joining the event with very positive satisfaction scores from delegates, speakers and sponsors alike on both the content, venue and overall business value obtained including;

  • 99% of respondents said they learnt something new
  • 98% rating the overall learning experience as Good or Excellent
  • 96% rated the workshops as Good or Excellent
  • 93% rating the programme mix and quality of talks as Good or Excellent

Listen to delegates, sponsors, speakers & sponsors from AI Expo Africa 2019 and the value they obtained from joining.

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Exhibitor Hall & e-Booths  

  • Over the last 3 years, a core part of the show is the expo hall housing our valued sponsors / exhibitors selling products, services and 4IR offerings
  • In 2020 we provided e-Booths housed in a virtual expo hall that allowed vendors LIVE delegate interaction at the show (examples are shown below)
  • Each e-booth has a range of functionality including live Q&A, meetings, chat, product brochures, social media links, video etc…
  • A short training session (1 hour) is included to show you how to configure and run your booth
  • A live help desk is on hand and available for the event duration
  • Sponsors obtain very detailed analytics from the event – Every e-Booth visit, brochure request, Q&A, talk watched is captured for follow up during both the 2 day live event and 30 day re-Live period.  No need to scan badges or swap business cards – its all captured for you automatically.
AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Booth Examples

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Booth Examples

Sponsor packages available

In 2020 our online sponsorship packages covered the 2 days (3rd-4th September 2020) plus the “Re-live” OnDemand format for 30 days, meaning products, services, talks, demos and brochures could be accessed by more delegates once the main live show ended.  An **EXTRA** 30 days of additional lead generation time (for free) without having to man your booth as all the enquiries are routed to your sales & marketing team automatically.

Exhibitor Options 

In 2020 we sold 70+ packages to vendors, NGOs and Embassies all of whom wanted to embrace the new online format.  To gain a copy of the 2021 prospectus and full list of benefits or if you have questions, drop us an email at and we will notify you in December 2021. This will include all the information on 2021 pricing and stand choices available.  We are happy to explore custom packages and insights you may also have for making this a great event for our delegates with your own unique ideas.

Packages on offer in 2020 

  • 1x Diamond+ Headline Event Partner (SOLD OUT)
  • 1x Platform Event Partner (SOLD OUT) 
  • 4x Diamond Premier packages (SOLD OUT) 
  • 8x Platinum Premier packages (SOLD OUT) 
  • 15x Silver (SOLD OUT) 
  • 25x Start-ups  (SOLD OUT) 
  • 3x Country e-Pavilions for Trade Delegations (SOLD OUT) 
  • 1x Innovation Wall (SOLD OUT) 
  • 6x Innovation Challenges (SOLD OUT) 
  • 1x Youth AI Zone  (SOLD OUT) 
  • 1x Registration branding:  (SOLD OUT) 
  • 1x Programme branding (SOLD OUT) 
  • 1x Networking lounge (SOLD OUT) 
  • 1x Speaker lounge (SOLD OUT) 
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