Speaking Tracks & Programme Overview

At a glance

The AI Expo Africa 2020 programme is split into 4 tracks and 8 workshops.  In total over 100+ speakers and panelists will take part in the programme that broken down into 5 main themes:

  • Innovation  – New to market solutions, innovations, start-up & investor centric success stories
  • Case Studies – Real world applications and benefits of deployment in a B2B / B2C context
  • Platforms & Panels – Latest developments from global, regional & local platform providers including panel discussions
  • Technical Demonstrations – Dedicated, deeper dive technical demonstrations of B2B / B2C solutions hosted in the Expo “Demo Zone”
  • Posters (Researchers only) – MSc / PhD / Research poster submissions from students with applied R&D applicable to industry / investors

Workshop Tracks

  • 8x workshops – 400 FREE allocated seats for young engineers, entrepreneurs and students to gain unique learning insights

Programme Dates & Times

2nd September 2020

  • Show build (7am-5pm)
  • VIP Opening & Awards evening with regional product launches & VIP announcements (6pm-9pm)

3rd – 4th September 2020

From 8am to 6pm the following main event activities are;

  • Main Expo Hall showcasing 36 vendors & demo zone
  • 4x Track speaking programme with 67 talks, keynotes & panels
  • Evening networking reception on 4th September 6pm-9pm
  • AI Innovation Cafe showcasing 17 AI start-ups
  • ** NEW ** The Marketplace – A dedicate global vendor & partner showcase area
  • Enhanced VIP & media zone coupled to interactive reporting from the floor with local, national & international news / press
  • 8x Skills workshops aimed at young engineers, students & entrepreneurs
  • AI Art Challenge – AI generated music & art competition hosted by Zindi 
  • Innovation Wall – Showcasing 10 African academic R&D posters applicable to industry
  • AI TV Media Hub with dedicated interview suite streaming live from the show
  • The show edition of Synapse Magazine – Africa’s only AI Business Magazine
  • Multiple expert panel discussions
  • Closing panel discussion & community feedback 

A look back at the AI Expo Africa 2019 Programme 

Plenary Keynotes

  • Data Science Education in Africa – The key to unlocking the 4IR opportunity for all
  • AI : The Marathon Race
  • Bootstrapping AI in Africa
  • Leveraging the power of AI in a rapidly evolving world for economic good

Track Talks – Case Studies

  • AI and Machine Learning with Amazon Web Services
  • Using AI and IoT to Make the World a Better Place
  • Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Experience (CX)
  • Old Mutual’s journey toward AI
  • Achieving 1-to1 Personalization at scale
  • IA for Good – Pathways forward
  • New Frontiers In Cognitive Finance
  • The Telkom turnaround and into the AI beyond
  • Achieving a single view of a customer using artificial intelligence
  • 5 easy real world machine learning examples to use in your business.
  • Machine Learning in Real Life
  • How Granadilla is using AI and ML at the core of what they do.
  • Real world applications and benefits of AI deployment in a B2B context
  • How AI can generate value for the financial-services industry
  • Machine Learning in Life Insurance
  • Do You Understand the Words that Are Coming Out of My Mouth?

Track Talks – Platforms

  • Intelligent Enterprises make the Experience Economy click for customers
  • Artificial Intelligence in South Africa: An outlook for 2019 and beyond
  • Immersive and collabortive solutions for data visualisation.
  • The worlds first IoT Point of Sale platform
  • Hybrid Quantum Machine Learning
  • The power of AI to build chatbots for Financial service providers
  • Working with the Savanna Data Platform
  • AI and distributed systems will power a paradigm shift in digital trust

Track Talks – Innovation

  • All human organisms are just algorithms: dealing with uncertainty when predicting behaviour
  • Improving computer vision algorithms using neuroscience principles
  • Mining the digital traces of our society
  • Using Genomics Cloud platform and Machine Learning for genome variant Analysis
  • Using AI for crime prediction.
  • How to use AI for social good
  • How AI can make your workforce perform better
  • Open Data for Impact – Applying AI and Machine Learning on a World of Data Challenges
  • The Cirrus Innovation Initiative for Southern Africa
  • AI In Africa – Bootcamps in Disadvantaged Communities
  • Fusing IR4.0 technology to support Africa’s smart cities initiative.
  • Implement Hand Gesture Recognition with XRDrive Sim
  • Propel: Connecting mindsets and behaviours to performance
  • Analysing the strategic role of digital revolution on South Africa’s economic transformation
  • Innovating to become a truly AI centric organisation
  • Implications of having an intelligent robotic workforce

Track Talks – Demo Zone

  • Introducing Specific AI to the Real World
  • The Rise of AI/ML Engineering
  • Let’s get Hands on with AI
  • The Platform for Intelligent Automation
  • Meet the Wellness Robot
  • You’ve Got Mail – implementing email automation using AI
  • Liability and Risk: Why Explanability & Ethical AI Should Matter to Industry
  • Techniques for enhancing trust in AI
  • How to share data and drive growth and innovation whilst staying GDPR compliant.
  • Natural Language Generation – the next giant leap for AI
  • Using AI and behavioural science to improve business and staff productivity
  • Reclaiming privacy in the age of Big Data
  • The future of advertising
  • Developing Precision Medicine using AI-centric approaches in Africa.
  • Data commons & data philanthropy in the private sector.


  • 4IR Initiatives & Investing Models
  • Ethics, Privacy & Bias in AI
  • AI and the Future of Education in Africa
  • AI 4 Good
  • Women & Youth in AI

Executive Workshops 

  • Creating an Ecosystem with open source products for behavioural predictions
  • Operationalisation of Enterprise AI

Student Workshops

  • The Robocup in Africa & Robotics World Cup.
  • The Pothole Hackathon with Zindi
  • AI & ML Deep Dive
  • AI – The future is now

Poster Presentations

  • Towards Automating Healthcare Question Answering in a Noisy Multilingual Low-Resource Setting
  • Neural Machine Translation for African Languages
  • Designing a hybrid Deep Learning DDoS attack intrusion detection system for software defined Networks
  • Automatic assignment of diagnosis codes to free-form text medical notes
  • Photovoltaic Defect Classification through Thermal Infrared Imaging using a Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning-Based Hybrid Personalised Learning Object Recommender System


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