The AI Media Group – organisers of Africa’s largest trade-focused AI trade show, AI Expo Africa – has launched an Africa-focused Fourth Industrial Revolution 4IR buyer survey that will inform the continent’s 4IR technology supplier community about the trends and needs of African technology buyers over the next 24-months. 

CAPE TOWN – April 2nd 2020 – The survey – which is titled Africa 2020 – The B2B 4IR Buyer Survey – also seeks to shape knowledge around the attitudes of business buyers and available opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The survey, which will be conducted anonymously, will take respondents approximately five minutes to complete.

The study includes questions on readiness to adopt or deploy 4IR technologies, talent, ethics and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on business confidence, among others. The survey is set to conclude at the end of April.

 Survey respondents will be eligible for a free copy of the survey’s final report, in addition to a 50% discount code to join AI Expo Africa which will be held on 3 and 4 September in Cape Town.

As curators of Africa’s largest 4IR and Artificial Intelligence community, AI Media Group has made tremendous strides in mapping the 4IR landscape across the continent. This includes running two highly successful AI Expo Africa trade shows,” says Roy Bannister, Co-Founder of AI Media Group. “The ongoing mapping of this landscape includes insights into the capabilities of the vast number of companies, organisations and people undertaking ground-breaking work in this sector and how they can fill the needs of buyers from enterprises, governments and companies of all sizes across all sectors like retail, banking, manufacturing, healthcare and others, with the end goal of matching companies needing 4IR and AI solutions with those very capable suppliers in Africa that can supply those solutions.”

AI Media Co-founder / CEO Nick Bradshaw

AI Media Group Co-founder / CEO Nick Bradshaw (Left)

Nick Bradshaw, Co-Founder of AI Expo Africa, Africa’s largest AI business event adds: “We’re looking to gain greater insight of the state-of-play with 4IR buyers and what their current planning around buying and implementation of 4IR and AI solutions are for each industry, and how this planning has been affected by the current pandemic, if at all, and how other factors like lack of understanding of 4IR implementation and solutions available, cost, knowledge of options and other factors are impacting their buying and implementation plans.”

Those looking to participate in the survey can do so here.

About the AI Media Group 

The AI Media Group is a 4IR focused media, events, analysis and consulting business with 3000+ community members and curators of AI Expo Africa, the largest B2B trade-focused Artificial Intelligence, RPA & Data Science business conference in Africa. The 2020 edition of AI Expo Africa will run on 3rd-4th September 2020 at the world-class Century City Conference Centre, and builds upon the phenomenal success of the 2018 and 2019 events that cemented it as the largest gathering of its kind, with over 1000+ registered delegates, decision makers, investors, buyers, suppliers, innovators, SMBs and global brands in the region. Those looking to attend the conference can save up to 30% on a super early bird tickets here

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