Ever been in a growth or innovation meeting where someone identifies a ‘what if’ scenario around data?  What if we knew this?  Everyone gets very excited by this new idea until there is a realization – what about data privacy?  What about the regulations?

This bright spark of innovation is snuffed out as the conversation turns to what you can’t do rather than what you can do.  This can be very true of AI related innovation ideas because the value is complex to understand whereas the data privacy ‘truth’ often seems simple.  Even when the data privacy angle is seen to covered, a second issue that can arise is trust – do we trust the other party with our valuable intellectual property?


Sometimes this discussion might have been with another organisation but crazily sometimes even within your own organisation.  What if there was a way to share data to explore growth and innovation without any data privacy or trust concerns?  Welcome to intersect.ai from Omnisient

Identity Resolution

Personal Information is very valuable to share in analytics exercises for one key reason – identity resolution.  Identity resolution is to science of being able to link information to the same person and this concept is critical to analysis and insights regarding customers.  Personal Information shouldn’t vary across organisations and there are many forms of it so it’s very useful for linking data together.

Protection of Personal Information

Data privacy regulations require organisations to protect the Personal Information that customers give to them in two key ways:  security and utility.  The security requirement usually makes the newspapers – ever heard of a data “breach”?  This happens when a 3rd party removed the data without consent.

Utility relates to using the Personal Information the business gathered in line with the consent the customer gave when it was gathered – do what you say you will.  Customers have the right to change their consent regarding the use of this data and some data privacy regulations require consent to be a process that is maintained for certain activities.

Anonymisation is what you need

If data is anonymised, this means that the individual can no longer be identified.  In this scenario, data privacy regulations no longer apply provided the data is anonymised.  Anonymisation is the ULTIMATE way to protect Personal Information – privacy regulations (and customers trust) can’t be breached because even if the information is stolen, none of it links to the individual.

3rd party services aren’t the easy answer

Appointing a ‘trusted’ third party as a service provider isn’t a simple solution because the 3rd party needs to receive the Personal Information and will act as an ‘operators’ or ‘controllers’.  Contracts may promise to indemnify you as the Responsible Party that gathered the data but they can’t indemnify your Brand.

These processes can be slow and expensive, and the service providers sometimes have conflicts of interest because of their other business activities.

A new market standard in anonymisation to enable data sharing

Intersect.ai is a technology solution that enables data sharing by anonymising all Personal Information on premise behind organisational firewalls so no Personal Information leaves the organisation.  Within this environment, the technology translates the Personal Information into irreversible hashes in memory and then sends the hashes to our highly secure Azure cloud.

All analysis and insights are generated in our independent, highly secure Azure cloud and all activity is subject to dual consent of the collaborating parties.  Neither party receives the raw information which helps significantly ease any trust concerns especially on initial engagements.

An “overlap” analysis of two organisational customer bases can happen in hours and the technology costs less than hiring a graduate.  Reinvigorate your growth and innovation pipeline and join our secure data sharing community today!

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