Showcasing diversity of the African AI & Data Science Business Community

With over 4000+ community members, AI Expo Africa is the largest business and trade focused community of its kind in the region. We pride ourselves on the diverse mix of local AND global AI / 4IR thought leaders, pioneering African business practitioners and regional innovators that make our event, media and content so rich and meaningful.  We strive for inclusivity and diversity that transcends the continent of Africa AND showcases the newest, unheard of start-ups braking through into the market.  We welcome world leading keynote speakers as well as young engineers just starting out on their 4IR journey.

AI Expo Africa 2020 ONLINE Speakers

AI Expo Africa 2020 Speakers – Celebrating the local, regional & global diversity of our trade community

“As curators of AI Expo Africa we have a duty to contribute to building an ‘AI economic pipeline’ for growth both locally, nationally and Continentally.  This pipeline starts with young people before they enter the world of work or entrepreneurism and ends with a career or a new business that helps transform the economy and wider society.  Diversity and inclusivity is the foundation to this change to drive the 4IR impact the region is seeking”. Nick Bradshaw, Co-Founder AI Expo Africa and CEO AI Media.

We have a proactive focus on women in AI and run a partner and young engineer talent programme that ensures we give those that cannot afford to come to a world leading event like AI Expo Africa the opportunity to join by offering free workshop tickets to foster learning / networking opportunities and experience what an industry event “looks and feels” like. This initiative was extended in 2020 to include FREE access to the entire show archive via a FREE on-demand event for 30 days.

Key stats from AI Expo Africa 2020

  • 4033 community members (32% growth)
  • 2112 registered delegates (105% growth)
  • 184 speakers & sponsors  (8% growth)
  • 502 companies (35% growth)
  • 77,557 online platform visits by all delegates at 2 day live online event


  • Delegate diversity at 2020 (2 day live) online event : 32% Female 68% Male 
  • 80 speakers from 13 countries represented in four track programme : 30% Female 70% Male
  • 34 ePosters presented for 6x Innovation Challenges from 7 countries : 45% Female 55% Male
  • Young engineer FREE workshop programme (2018 & 2019) attended by 625 delegates: 29% Female 71% Male
  • 106 local, regional & global partners organisations engaged via our ally community
  • A total of 45 countries were represented at 2020 (2 day live) online event

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